Basic Bookkeeping package

  1. Record/Download banking activity into Quickbooks for checking/savings accounts
  2. Reconcile bank accounts
  3. Correct/check loan balances
  4. Return updated Quickbooks each month for client to view/print reports
  5. This is for up to 50 transactions (checks, debits, and deposits) per month for all bank accounts. Does not include breakdown of deposits by customer – deposits will be recorded as one lump sum.
  6. Does not include paying client bills (A/P) or invoicing clients (A/R)

Monthly Price $250 (2 hrs)
Over 50 transactions up to 100 add additional $100 per month. $100 per month additional for each additional 50 transactions

Add A/R tracking by client $60 (.5 hrs)

Add Payroll

  1. Payroll prep (2x per month) (.6hrs per month)
  2. Quarterly payroll tax reporting (1.8hrs per quarter CPA level .5hrs mgr level)
  3. Year end tax reports (1.5hrs per year CPA level .5 hrs mgr level)

Additional monthly cost $175

Add B&O tax prep

Monthly B&O tax prep $70/month (.5hrs per month cpa level .1 mgr level)
Quarterly B&O tax prep $30/month (.5 hrs per quarter cpa level .2 mgr level)

Add Compiled Financial Statements (if don’t have or want Quickbooks)

$75 month (.4hrs per month CPA level .2 mgr level)