If you own a restaurant in the greater Seattle area, there are a few tax and accounting considerations that affect you. As a restaurateur, you know that just a little edge can put you miles ahead of your competition . . .

Tax Credits

Tax credits such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit or the credits provided through the Credit Act. If you haven’t done the research yourself, or if you haven’t enlisted the help of professional CPA, you should do this. Don’t let tax credits go unclaimed, and don’t forget that amending previous returns could very well be a means of saving on your tax dollar.


A cost segregation study is often very useful for restaurant owners in determining the depreciation schedule for real property (heating and air, carpeting, ovens, stoves, etcetera).

Employee Meals

Employee meals are common perk for those employed in the restaurant industry, but did you know that as a restaurant owner there is a little perk for you? Employee meals can be 100 percent deductible.

Charitable Donations

When you have excess food items, you can make a charitable donation. This is tax deductible. And a charitable donation can also serve as a great way to promote your business.

These are just a few ways you can save. If you’d like to hear more, we’d be glad to speak with you—just give us a call.