Self Employed Tax Guide

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Tax Considerations For The Self Employed

The self-employed, the freelancers, the independent contractors, the small business owners: whatever your title, here is a guide to help you handle many of the tax considerations you’ll be up against in running a successful business.

And there is a lot to consider for those self employed. We hope our little tax guide will help you navigate the often times troublesome, sometimes murky tax requirements, the ins and outs, the et ceteras of tax laws.

The Self Employed Tax Guide attempts to provide small business owners and the self-employed with a one-stop resource to staying in compliance with the filing requirements and minimizing the financial burden imposed by several layers of government. We touch on a lot of subjects related to tax planning, such as charitable contributions, depreciation, deductions in business travel & entertainment expenses . . . Well, you’ll see.

And good luck with your enterprise, and good luck with your taxes. If you need any additional help, give us a call.

Table of Contents

Want a pdf?Huddleston Tax CPAs - Self-Employed tax Guide .pdf

Small Business Tax Returns Required & Due Dates

Entity Selection

What is Income?

Tax Deductions for the Self-Employed

Estimated Tax Payments & Tax Audits and Collections

Year End Strategies


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