Standard Rates

Hourly Rates

Quickbooks ProAdvisor Rates:

  • Prerana Pradhanang: $85 per hour

Accountant Rates:

  • Jim Gianelli: $125 per hour
  • Vivi Wu: $120 per hour
  • Ying Yan: $110 per hour
  • Xin Li: $110 per hour

Manager rates:

  • Lance Hulbert: $185 per hour
  • Jessica Chisholm: $195 per hour
  • Elizabeth David: $190 per hour
  • John Huddleston: $195 per hour for tax preparation only ($230 per hour for consulting or other non tax preparation services)

Processing Fees

There is a processing fee on all income tax returns (but not on payroll tax returns or the Washington Combined Excise Tax return).

  • Business returns, Estate and Trust returns, exempt organization returns – $92 (includes 1120, 1120S, 1065, 990, 709 and 706, 1041).
  • Individual returns – $78 (includes 1040).
  • State Income Tax returns – There is an additional $50 processing fee for each State Individual Income Tax return and $60 for State Corporate or Partnership returns
  • Extension – No charge but you are obligated to pay the processing fee (above) and our minimum preparation fee of $450.

Fixed Fees

  • Any letter, or other written communication, to a bank, mortgage company or other creditor or investor: $345.
  • Entity Creation, including S election: $1,125 ($1,175 if city license required) (Does not include state fees).
  • S Election (timely): $325.
  • S Election (not timely/retroactive): $400.
  • Business Valuation: $1,600 (This does not include any accounting work to get financial statements for use in the business valuation. This includes up to one hour of consult time).
  • Registered Agent: $300 per year.
  • Compliance Audit: Is your business filing all the required Federal and Washington state returns? We can do an audit of your business and let you know what tax returns are required for the year and when they are due. $200. (This fee applies to businesses with less than $1 million in revenue for the prior year. If your business does work outside of Washington state, you may be required to file additional returns. Investigating possible requirements in other states would be an additional fee.)
  • Virtual office (use our mailing address): $100 per month with six months minimum plus $50 setup fee. Administrative staff will forward mail as frequently as you like for $7 per mailing plus shipping cost.
  • Conference room use without CPA: $35 per hour or $180 per day. There is no charge for conference room usage when the CPA is in the room. For example, if an IRS agent is reviewing client books in our conference room for an hour and is conferring with a CPA (@ $110 level) for a second hour, the fee would be $145 ($35 + $110).
  • Maintain Corporate Books: $250 per year. This includes a telephone conference with a CPA for the annual board meeting, drafting meeting minutes, and maintaining stock register.
  • Profitcents Report (report that illustrates your key financials compared to averages for your industry): $500 (This does not include any accounting work to get financial statements for use in the report).
  • Salary Opinion Letter (reasonable compensation for S Corporation owners) – 1st Opinion: $495.
  • Salary Opinion Letter – Subsequent Opinions: $250.
  • Check Return Fee: $40.

Consulting Only Package

  • CPA/Accountant Level: 6 hours for $500. Consulting only. Expires in 1 year. Paid up front. (Vivi Wu, Ying Yan, Xin Li)
  • Senior Level: 6 hours for $600. Consulting only. Expires in 1 year. Paid up front. (Jim Gianelli)
  • Manager Level: 6 hours for $850. Consulting only. Expires in 1 year. Paid up front. (Lance Hulbert & Jessica Chisholm )
  • Consultation sessions will take place within one year of the date of the consulting package engagement (the package expires one year from that date), at a mutually agreeable time, at our Kenmore office or by telephone.  A consulting package can be used only for tax or accounting consulting.  It cannot be used for tax preparation or bookkeeping.

Minimum Fee

Our minimum fee is $450. This is not a per-return fee but it is the minimum fee you will pay when entering into a contract with HTC to do anything. It can be applied to more than one return. For example, if you hire us to prepare a Combined Excise Tax return and the hourly fee for the return is $100, you will be billed $450. The unused time of $350 can be applied toward the preparation of any other return, so long as it is prepared and the client provides all information needed for preparation within ten months of the engagement.

Standard Rates for Returning Clients

Initial returns that we prepare for you are charged based on our standard rates listed above. We find that clients value consistency. Therefore, the next period that we prepare that type of return for you, the fee will be based on the previous return preparation cost, adjusted for our increasing salary cost and the consumer price index.i However, if the issues involved or the state of the information provided changes, in our discretion, we may charge based on our standard rates above.


Although some income tax returns we prepare are outside of this range, most income tax returns that we prepare are between $450 to $1,000. The final cost will depend mostly on the issues involved and your level of organization. Beyond this, we do not provide estimates. In some circumstances, we will provide a written fixed rate for a particular project. This will always be written and will never be oral. Any alleged oral agreement is void.

The fee for the return preparation for returns subsequent to the initial return we prepared is calculated as follow: Previous period return fee times (1 plus CPI for all urban consumers plus salary increase rate through the first 20 years of a CPA’s career according to