Although my CPA firm receives many referrals, and we are very successful in our internet marketing (Google Seattle CPA), a large part of my CPA practice was established through the success of my direct mailings to Seattle area small businesses.  In the past we have limited our mailings to tax season when small businesses are more focused on the services our CPA firm has to offer.  Now, I would like to expand that effort to non tax season mailings.  To facilitate this effort, I am seeking partners to share in the cost and success of these mailings.

I am sending our mailings to new businesses in the greater Seattle area. The envelope will include separate advertisements from a few professionals that are all relevant for a new small business. Your advertisement would be 3.67 X 8.5.  You would be responsible for the design and printing of your advertisement.  I may be able to provide these services as well if needed.  Your share of the cost would be 15 cents per piece (inquire about discounts for multiple mailings).  I would be responsible for acquiring the mailing list, mail processor fees, envelope printing, postage, etc.