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Tax Accountant Issue – November 2007: Feature articles include 1) Tax Deadlines; 2) How Alternative Minimum Tax could affect your Tax Burden; 3) Year End Tax Planning; 4) Filing Requirements for Small Tax Exempt Organizations; 5) Tell Employees the Cost of Their Benefits; 6) Outliving Your Nest Egg; 7) Holiday Spending Controls.

Tax Accountant Issue – October 2007: Feature articles include 1) Tax Deadlines; 2) Don’t fall for the latest IRS e-mail scam; 3) How to plan for upcoming payroll tax increases; 4) Will the minimum wage increase affect your tip credit?; 5) Could your business use a consultant?; 6) Health insurance costs surpass inflation; 7) Choosing the executor of your estate: A critical estate planning decision.

Tax Accountant Issue – Sept 2007 : Feature articles include 1) Tax Deadlines; 2) IRS launches new tax audit program; 3) An HSA might be your solution to rising healthcare cost; 4) How happy are your customers with your service?; 5) How to make the most of your tax deductible car expenses; 6) Why going paperless is not always best; 7) How do you choose between saving for retirement and your child’s college cost?

Tax Accountant Issue – August 2007: Feature articles include 1) Tax Deadlines; 2) IRS warns charities and churches to stay out of politics; 3) Control your “AGI” to stop tax breaks from disappearing; 4) Got a nonprofit organization? You could benefit from this free IRS online workshop; 5) Is my worker an “employee” or an “independent contractor”?; 6) The Latest in Finances: Updates on the housing market; 7) Getting Married or Divorced? Get your finances in order.

Tax Accountant Issue – July 2007: Feature articles include 1) Tax Deadlines; 2) Small Business Tax Act is signed by President Bush; 3) Act fast to benefit from this new IRA charitable donation option; 4) Age 50-plus is fastest-growing group of new business owners; 5) Important tax planning tips for the midyear review of your business; 6) New survey shows most people have no will; 7) Ways to protect yourself from identity theft and scams.

Tax Accountant Issue – June 2007: Feature articles include 1) Tax Deadlines; 2) Tax Changes: Five new tax scams included in 2007 “dirty dozen”; 3) Your child and his summer job…will he owe taxes?; 4) IRS announces 2007 vehicle deprecation limits; 5) What is the right price for your products? A three-step guide for your business; 6) Inheriting a 401(k)? New rules you need to know; 7) Stocks: Consider these important tips next time you decide to sell .

Tax Accountant Issue – February 2007: Feature articles include 1) Tax Deadlines; 2) Tax Changes: Last-minute Congress; 3) Deductions even when you don’t itemize; 4) Why bring your corporate minutes up to date?; 5) Can your business grow too fast?; 6) You can split your tax refund three ways; 7) Be aware of the gender gap in retirement savings.

Tax Accountant Issue – January 2007: Feature articles include 1) Tax Deadlines; 2) Where’s My Refund:  IRS has 95,746 undeliverable tax refunds; 3) Your 2007 Income Tax Checklist; 4) IRS Formula for telephone tax refund is announced; 5) Build solid relationships with your customers;

6) Mutual fund investments reach $10 trillion mark; 7) What you need to know in order to simplify your recordkeeping.

Tax Accountant Issue – December 2006: Feature articles include 1) Tax Deadlines; 2) More wages are subject to social security tax in 2007; 3) Two 2006 laws may offer tax planning opportunities; 4) IRS announces mileage rates for 2007; 5)Don’t overlook these business deductions; 6) Using credit could be getting too easy; 7) Smart financial gifts this holiday season.

Tax Accountant Issue – March 2006: Feature articles include 1) Major tax deadlines ; 2) What’s New: Should you pay taxes with a credit card? 3) April 3 is an important deadline ;

4) New Business: IRS to focus on employment tax issues to reduce tax gap ; 5) How to make business meetings worth the time; 6) What’s New: Prepaid tuition plans now get equal treatment ; 7) Are your beneficiary designations up to date.

Tax Accountant Issue – February 2006: Feature articles include 1) Tax Deadlines; 2) The Early Bird May Get The Brand New Energy Credit; 3) How Long Should You Retain Your Tax Records?; 4) New Business: Tax Filing Requirements Simplified For Smaller Employers; 5) Businesses: Tap Into The Benefits of the Retirement Plan 6) What’s New: Credit Cards Are Now Requiring Higher Minimum Payments; 7) Dollar-Cost Averaging Can Offer Long-Term Benefits.

Tax Accountant Issue – January 2006: Feature articles include 1) Tax Deadlines; 2) What’s New: Use New Tax Numbers for 2006 Tax Planning; 3) Medical Sticker Shock? Consider a Health Savings Account 4) New Business: New Energy Tax Breaks Available This Year 5) Keep Those Payroll Taxes Paid 6) What’s New: Credit cards are requiring higher minimum payments 7) Do a Financial Review at Tax Time.

Tax Accountant Issue – December 2005: Feature articles include 1) Tax Deadlines; 2) What’s New: More Vehicles Certified for Clean-Fuel Deduction 3) Seven Year-End Moves to Cut Your Taxes 4) New Business: Surveys Show Health Care Costs a Major Concern: 5) Is Paying Zero Tax a Good Idea for Your Corporation?; 6) What’s New: Yield on I Bonds Jumps to 6.73%; 7) Got Mutual Funds? Pay Attention to Year-End Tax Issues.

Tax Accountant Issue – November 2005: Feature articles include 1) Tax Deadlines; 2)IRS announces changes; 3) Consider the tax issues in caring for elderly parents; 4) New per diem rates issued; 5) Be prepared: How to lessen the blow of a disaster; 6) Survey shows college costs increasing; 7) Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Tax Accountant Issue – September 2005: Feature articles include 1) Tax Deadlines; 2) Check out the tax credits in the new energy bill; 3) Seven steps to cut your 2005 tax bill; 4) IRS targets S corporations for audits; 5) IRS targets S corporations for audits; 6) New bankruptcy law goes into effect soon; 7) Invest with an eye on inflation.

Tax Accountant Issue – August 2005: Feature articles include 1) Tax Deadlines; 2) IRS clarifies rules for donating vehicles to charity; 3) An exchange can save taxes; 4) Businesses must now shred employee information; 5) Turn employee reviews into constructive dialogs; 6) Put your savings on automatic pilot; 7) Think it over before you pay off your home mortgage early.

Tax Accountant Issue – January 2005: Feature articles include 1) Tax Deadlines; 2) What’s New: Tax Numbers Released for 2005 3) You Pay the Bills But Can You Claim a Dependency Deduction? 4) New Business: Rising Health Insurance Cost 5) Smart Business: A Business Partnership Needs a Written Agreement 6) What’s New: Don’t Let Your Gifts Disappear 7) Give Your Children a Good Financial Education .

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