Domestic & Foreign Tax Issues

Articles On Tax Issues From Within The United States And From Abroad.

The Cost of Starbucks’ Dutch Connection

The New Connecticut State Budget

Apple’s New Tax Bill

The Basics of the Google Tax Quandary in the U.K.

The Dire Condition of Kansas’ State Budget

Alaska’s Current Tax Debate

The Amazon Sales Tax Dispute

An Introduction to New York’s Mobility Tax

A Snapshot of the Swiss Banking Law of 1934

The Defeat of Oregon’s Measure 97

Vancouver’s Latest Tax May Impact Seattle Real Estate Market

The Birth & Growth of the Income Tax in the United States

Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan & Trust Co.  and the Defeat of the Income Tax

A Note on Direct & Indirect Taxes

How War Shaped Modern U.S. Taxation

How Trump’s Tax Plan Will Affect Individuals

The Basics of Inslee’s New Tax Plan

Trump’s New Tax Proposal Could Have Substantial Impact on Seattle Homeowners

A Few Thoughts on the New Seattle Soda Tax

A Few Thoughts on Seattle’s New Tax on the Wealthy

Cuts to Benefit Programs Indispensable to Trump’s New Budget Plan



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