I’m John C. Huddleston, CPA the principal of Huddleston Tax CPAs.

Huddleston Tax CPAs is a firm that has been helping small business in the Seattle Bellevue area with tax and accounting since 2002.

Our focus is small business. And we work hard to provide a wide range of services:

  • Tax Preparation—we are tax preparers, well versed in preparing taxes for the self-employed, small businesses, and individuals with complicated tax returns.
  • Tax Planning—we understand the various entities such as LLCs and S-Corps and how they will affect your taxes. We can help you through the process of entity selection, because we understand what it means in terms of taxes and deductions. And we can help make sure that you have other tax planning procedures in place that will streamline tax preparation (by establishing bookkeeping practices) and help ensure you’ll keep the most of your tax dollars and make the most of your tax deductions.
  • Bookkeeping—we are well versed in bookkeeping for small businesses. We pride ourselves in being responsive to small business individual needs.
  • Payroll—we handle the payroll processes for a number of small businesses. We provide a level of service that is responsive to your individual small business needs.
  • Quickbooks Consulting—we have Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. That can help you with the initial setup of your Quickbooks bookkeeping system and provide Quickbooks support to your in-house bookkeeper. And should you choose to outsource your bookkeeping and payroll processes we can also help with that.
  • Business Valuation Reports—we have a database of thousands of sales of small business and we have a CPA that has a specialized focus in business valuation reports if you are considering purchasing a business, starting a business, selling a business, or if you are considering refinancing, a business valuation report will help you determine just how to proceed.
  • Business Coaching—we are a small business. And we have a over a decade of experience helping small business. We make knowing small business our focus. We provide services that extend beyond the financial well-being of your business, we help with strategic planning and team building.
  • Cost Segregation Studies—we’ve partnered with a construction/engineering firm to be able to provide you with cost segregations services to help you separate personal property from real property so that you can save tax dollars and benefit from the deductions available after determining and delineating the depreciation rates within your property.

Our aim is to support the overall financial health and wellbeing of your business. We are more than CPAs and tax preparers. We are more than accountants or bookkeepers. Our services evolve as the world of small business evolves.

There is nothing static about running a small business. So you need a tax accountant that can adapt. And we work hard to stay ahead of the game and offer services that respond directly to the dynamic world of small business.

We have expertise and experience in handling the tax and accounting needs of small business, and I also have a knowledge of tax law that has served me well over the years.

In 1989, I received my law degree from the University of Washington, School of Law. In 1999, I received a Masters in Tax Law in from the same institution.

As long as there’s small business, we’ll be here. And that’s our aim: to keep small business strong.

When you get the chance, give me a call. I’d like to introduce you to our team.


John C. Huddleston