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While your tax preparation and accounting needs are important for your business, Huddleston Tax CPAs understands that there are many other areas that affect your business on a daily basis. From stock markets and updates in technology to the local and national weather, we are dedicated to providing the most up to date news and weather information for our clients.If you are interested in staying on top of current events, our news and weather coverage offers insights into many different areas. Let Huddleston Tax CPAs help you stay current on:

  • Business News – Find out what other business in your area and around the country are up to with up to the minute coverage of business news.
  • US Economy – If you own a small business the state of the US Economy has a direct effect on your business’s success.
  • World News – From skirmishes and world debates to discoveries that will change society, our World News coverage is delivered right to your computer.
  • Sports – Along with business and financial news, Huddleston Tax CPAs also provides up to the minute coverage of local and national sports teams.
  • Technology – Even if your small business isn’t in the technology field, advancements in technology can have a direct effect on how your business operates.
  • Health – Will the new changes in health care affect you and your employees? Staying current on health issues will keep you from getting caught by surprise.


Whether you utilize our news and weather service specifically for your business or simply to stay current on events around the world, Huddleston Tax CPAs is pleased to offer the service free to our clients. Call us today at (425) 483-6600 for assistance with business planning, tax preparation and other accounting services.


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