How to Review Your Tax Return

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Important Steps To Take

  • Check the Social Security Numbers for everyone on the return These are listed to the right of your names for taxpayer and spouse and in section 6 of the first page of the 1040 for any dependents
  • Check Bank accounts and routing numbers for accuracy – These are found on page 2 of the 1040 in the boxes for line 76b and 76d.
  • Check Wage amounts – Does the amount on line 7 of my Form 1040 equal the total amounts found in box 1 for all W2s being reported on my/our 1040?
  • Check other items of Income – Does the interest and dividend amounts found on 1099s add up to the amounts reported on Form 1040 lines 8a thru 9b? Are amounts for unemployment, Social Security and capital gains appearing on page 1 of the 1040?  Are amounts from business income flowing through to page 1 from other schedules?
  • Check Expense Items – If I claim itemized deductions, are all my itemized expenses on Schedule A accurately reflected and appearing on line 40 of page 2 of the return? Is the accurate amount of exemption deductions appearing on line 42 that applies to the number of dependents I am claiming?
  • Business Deductions – These are included on Schedule C if your business is a self-employed sole proprietor or an LLC owned 100% by you (or jointly by you and your spouse). If you file a corporate or partnership return your business deductions will appear on that return.  Rental expenses appear on Schedule E.
  • Withholding amounts – This is aggregated for all items where federal income tax was withheld and found on line 64 of page 2. Are all income tax withholding amounts form W-2s and 1099 accounted for?
  • Refunds applied from a prior year, and estimated payment amounts – This is accumulated on line 65 of page 2 of Form 1040.
  • Addresses – At the top of the first page of Form 1040 underneath the taxpayer and spouse name.
  • Filing status – This is near the top of page 1 of Form 1040.






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