Payroll Tips for Small Business Accounting

Huddleston Tax CPAs Offer Customized Payroll Solutions For Small Businesses.

Relying on an automated computer system for your company’s payroll isn’t always the way to go, especially if you have some full-time, part-time and contractor employees or other special circumstances.

If you’d prefer a personalized payroll service that takes your business and employees’ needs into account, then you should contact Huddleston Tax CPAs today.

Outsource Your Payroll

A smooth-functioning payroll system is vital to the happiness and productivity of your employees, not to mention key in the success of your business as a whole. A flawed payroll system can cause a myriad of serious problems, including trouble with the IRS.

A big part of creating a functional payroll system is making sure that you are in compliance with the various laws that apply to your business. Given the importance of payroll to your business, you should outsource to a local firm that’s familiar with the State’s compliance laws and issues. Working with Huddleston Tax CPAs will ensure that your company’s payroll system fully complies with all applicable state and federal laws.

The professionals at Huddleston Tax CPAs understand that each client has a unique set of payroll issues that are important to their business. And Huddleston Tax CPAs will give your company’s payroll the level of attention it requires.

Our team of qualified CPAs, including our principal John Huddleston and Jessica Chisholm, understand the IRS requirements for the State of Washington and will work with you to create and manage a payroll system that meets the particular needs of your business. If you need assistance with payroll and are located in the greater Seattle/Bellevue metropolitan area, give Huddleston Tax CPAs a call at 1-425-483-6600 today!

Tip: If you are required to deposit your payroll tax on a monthly basis, make payday on the first day of the month rather than the last day of the month.  This will extend the time you have to make your payroll deposit by one month.


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